Like a Bible college, the Biblical Institute for Laymen is designed with four levels of courses, from the most basic (100-level, or freshman courses) to the more advanced (400-level, or senior courses). Any course listed below with an asterisk* is one previously taught that has been video-taped and is available on DVD. If you are interested in the DVDs, please contact us at the email address in the left column.


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Biblical Overview classes (100-level courses)

101 Bible Survey *

102 Old Testament History & Archaeology *

103 New Testament History & Archaeology *

104 Hermeneutics (Bible interpretation) *

105 Introduction to Theology

Specific Bible classes (200-level courses)

201 Pentateuch

202 OT Historical Books

203 Songs and Narratives

204 Wisdom Literature

205 Major Prophets

206 Minor Prophets

207 Life of Christ

208 Teaching of Christ

209 History of Early Church (Acts)

210 Book of Romans

211 Pauline Epistles

212 Book of Hebrews

213 General Epistles

214 Book of Revelation   





Applied Bible classes (300-level courses)

301 Church History *

302 Christian Ethics *

303 Apologetics *

304 Biblical Psychology *

305 Science and the Bible *

306 Introduction to World Religions          

307 Introduction to Cults *

Practical Bible skills (400-level courses)

401 Personal Evangelism *

402 Personal Discipleship *

403 Lay-Teaching (seminar)

404 Lay-Preaching (seminar) *

405 Lay-Counseling (seminar)

406 Lay-Leadership in the Church (seminar)